ClaimShuttle is a mix of connectivity and managed file transfer services that makes it easy for any size organization to get connected and manage their organization's data in a HIPAA and HITECH-compliant manner.

It's super easy! Just unplug your modem and start using ClaimShuttle. There is no software to install and you can be up and running in minutes. You will wonder why you didn't ditch that modem sooner!

ClaimShuttle provides features that are suitable for small solo providers all the way up to multi-facility organizations that span several locations. We make the easy stuff easy and the advanced stuff possible.

Secure EDI File Transfer

Sending and receiving files to Medicare and other trading partners is easy with ClaimShuttle. Choose from a web browser interface, FTP Secure (FTPS), SSH FTP (SFTP), or secure network-mounted volumes on your personal computer (Secure WebDAV). Put a file in your Outbox to have it delivered within seconds. Look for incoming files in your Inbox.

Keep your existing software that creates your EDI files: PC-ACE Pro32, Express Plus, SolAce EMC, etc. High-speed Medicare connectivity to NGS/CEDI, Novitas (formerly Highmark), Palmetto GBA, WPS, NHIC, Noridian, CIGNA, and Trailblazer are available today, all lines of business. Anthem BCBS all regions is also available.

Security & Compliance

ClaimShuttle provides an easy to use web browser interface to manage your account and electronic files from anywhere. Communications are secured using Military grade encryption from any computer, and no VPN software is required.

The system handles aspects of HIPAA Security and the HITECH Act of 2009 for your organization. For example, HIPAA Security regulations require that computer logs be reviewed and the HITECH Act requires specific events like logons and logon failures be counted and reported. ClaimShuttle makes this easy for you by providing all security related events every time you login.

Medicare Eligibility

Obtain eligibility and benefits information for your Medicare beneficiaries in seconds using information from the patient's Health Insurance Card. Eligibility checking is performed with a simple web browser. ClaimShuttle generates a real-time 270 transaction to CMS and they return a 271 within seconds. The request and response are formatted in an easy to read benefits grid for your use.

Medicare Enterprise Data Center (EDC) Access (FISS/DDE, PPTN, DME CSI)

Medicare mainframe access via a 3270 emulator is supported over an SSL-encrypted Internet connection. This allows you to access the Medicare online applications at the CMS Enterprise Data Centers (EDCs). Medicare online applications include the Part A FISS/DDE Online System, Part B Professional Provider Telecommunications Network (PPTN) and durable medical equipment (DME) Claim Status Inquiry (CSI) system.

Claim Data Entry

Key claims in an on-screen CMS-1500 form and transmit them electronically. Minimize your filing fees and achieve faster turn-around on payments by submitting directly to payers via ClaimShuttle's direct and free clearinghouse channels. Maximize your accuracy with our fully integrated claim scrubber.

Add the "plus Import" option to integrates with existing systems and eliminate double entry. Import claims from EDI, print image or other flat file formats, have them scrubbed and reformatted to trading partner specifications prior to transmission.

Both options support DME Certificates of Medical Necessity and Medicare Secondary Payer claims.

Best of all, it's all online. Access your information anytime, from anywhere.