Frequently Asked Questions About Pricing

Why are our prices so low?

What happens if I go over my transaction tier volume?
Our goal is to price our services fairly and we want to minimize the hassle of frequent price changes. Your price will only change under the following conditions.

We will calculate your transaction volume each month and will look at the last three calendar month's volume.

We will move you to transaction tier and price that fits your actual transaction volume. We will then start counting again from that point.

If you pay monthly, you will simply be invoiced for the appropriate tier based on the above.

If you pay annually, you will be offered the choice of paying the price difference through the remainder of your yearly contract, or to renew for another full year at the new price to be able to take advantage of the 5% annual pre-pay discount.

Are your prices going to change in the future?
We have no current intention of raising our prices but we reserve the right to do so in the future. If we do, existing customers will get ample advance notice of any changes.

Is there a contract?
You have to sign a Service Agreement and a Business Associate agreement, but there is no long term contract commitment. You can sign up and pay month by month but there is a 60-day notice requirement to terminate. We do offer discounts for one year contracts.

Do you offer dial-up connectivity?
No. To access the system you will need Internet access and a valid e-mail account in order to set an initial password. We do not offer a dial-up service but you can obtain one from a number of other vendors, such as Earthlink® or NetZero®.

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