System Requirements

Web Browser

The ClaimShuttle web interface requires a recent browser version with JavaScript enabled to display properly and function as expected.

Firefox icon Opera icon Chrome icon Safari icon Internet Explorer icon
Firefox Opera Chrome Safari Internet Explorer
3.27 or newer 23 or newer 36 or newer 6.1 or newer 11 or newer


Using FTP software is optional. Any FTP software that supports FTP Secure or SSH FTP can be used to connect to your account.

We currently recommend FileZilla [screenshots] FTP software for its ease of use and compatibility across all operating systems. Note that FileZilla prior to version 3 will not work because our system takes measures to mitigate a recent SSL design flaw (session renegotiation) and FileZilla 2.2 is not compatible as a result.

FileZilla icon

If you use Mac OS X another very nice FTP application is Cyberduck.

Cyberduck icon

Secure WebDAV

Use of WebDAV to mount secure network volumes on your personal computer is optional. Some versions of Windows have some issues. The connectivity help page once you are logged into your account provides more details on how to get connected.

3270 Terminal Emulator

You will be prompted to install Java™ version 8 runtime in order to run either the integrated 3270 emulator or to run a secure tunnel that allows you to use any 3270 emulator software that you have purchased separately. A 3270 emulator is used to access terminal-style applications in the Medicare Enterprise Data Center.

Internet Access

Users who access the system will need Internet access and a valid e-mail account in order to set their initial password. High-speed Internet is ideal, but dial-up will work fine. We do not offer a dial-up service but you can obtain one from a number of other vendors, such as Earthlink® or NetZero®.

Other Software

You will need software that can produce the electronic claims files for submission, and that can read the responses that come back. We recommend SolAce Electronic Medical Claims™, which includes the ClaimShuttle EDI File Transfer service at no extra cost. SolAce EMC™ is developed by the same team that created ClaimShuttle.