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ClaimShuttle™ has been built with a simple goal in mind. It should be easy to be a Medicare electronic submitter.

ClaimShuttle transports your electronic files to and from your Medicare carrier using a secure Internet connection. Send your claims, receive and view your remittances and acknowledgements, all using our easy to use web browser interface. Or, automate the process using FTPS, SFTP, or Secure WebDAV protocols.

Simple, Secure, Connectivity

AXIOM is an approved CMS Network Service Vendor

ClaimShuttle supports high-speed connectivity to all Medicare Administrative Contractors(MAC), including NGS/CEDI for all lines of business. Many more direct connections are are supported including all Anthem BCBS regions and we are adding more direct connections daily.

Medicare 3270 Access – Nationwide

Perform DME Same and Similar checks and claim and payment inquiries with ClaimShuttle's secure Internet access to Medicare Enterprise Data Center (EDC) mainframe applications including FISS/DDE, PPTN and CSI.

Simplify and Demistify EDI

All you need is a web browser to manage your account from anywhere. ClaimShuttle provides simple icons, helpful information and workflows to make you more productive. Your EDI data-stream is automatically converted into easy to read reports for viewing acknowledgements (999 file level and 277CA transaction level) and 835 (remittances).

EDI File Transfer or File Creation

You can keep existing software that creates your EDI files such as PC-ACE Pro32, Express Plus, DME Works, etc. or you can select our SolAce claims creation option for comprehensive HIPAA 5010 claim claims creation capabilities with extensive support for DME suppliers. Key claims or import claims from print files or other formats.

Transactions can be exchanged with ClaimShuttle using a browser interface, FTPS, SFTP, or WebDAV protocols that make ClaimShuttle folders appear on your desktop.

HITECH and Security

ClaimShuttle's audit trail keeps security related events visible, combined with granular security permissions setting capabilities which allow you to remain compliant with HITECH and HIPAA transactions security mandates.

ClaimShuttle employs Military grade encryption which allows for secure communications from any computer with no complicated "VPN tunneling" or other desktop software required.

Eligibility Checking

Check eligibility with ease and avoid costly and time consuming delays related to eligibility errors. ClaimShuttle converts these into Real-Time HIPAA 270/271 transaction exchanges in the background.

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I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with this service. Just as you promised, I was up and running within 20 minutes of our initial conversation. I was really concerned that this transition was going to be difficult and costly, but I was wrong on both counts. My phone line was costing 4 TIMES MORE per month than the fee for using ClaimShuttle, and it couldn't have been easier to set up and get going. Your product is everything you said it was. I am a very small company, and have actually now reduced my overhead by going with you guys! Thanks for your honesty and integrity!
-- Gena

I was nervous having to pick a new communication with my billing. We are a small business and the boss wanted me to pick through the NGS EDI website who we wanted. I am so happy with my choice. You guys have been great. I get help right away if I need it and callbacks immediately. Just a note to you saying thanks for making me look good for choosing your company. Very satisfied.
-- Sosha

I would like to thank you for helping me get up to speed with ClaimShuttle. Your system, by far, beats every other provider we've ever tried. It is simple, straightforward, and user friendly. It can't be easier. Thanks.
-- Peter

I was given the list of service providers to call in order to begin transmitting our Medicare claims via the internet due to the recent changes. I called several and almost immediately decided on Claimshuttle once I spoke with the representative. Her knowledge and willingness to actually do her job as well as volunteer information for questions I didn't even know I would have were refreshing. The Claimshuttle website is so easy to use and user friendly so it was very simple to set up and begin using right away. Thanks ClaimShuttle for making our transition so easy.
-- Rachael